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    Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Beverages launched in India

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    Tonino Lamborghini and M/s Heinrich, the official distributor of Tonino Lamborghini Luxury beverages products in India, announced with a special event in Mumbai the start of the distribution of the Made in Italy branded selection of Beverages: Tonino Lamborghini Espresso, Hot Chocolate, Energy Drink and Vodka.

    What was the idea behind launching your range of luxury beverages in India?

    The Indian beverage market has witnessed major growth over the past few years. The consumers who buy our products are often on the go and want to spend on healthy, quick premium convenience products. This has led to the influx of many ready-to-consumer products that became more fitting into more areas of people’s lives than we could have ever imaged. Today’s modern Indian consumer is well-traveled and well – educated about various products in the market. They are sensible, smart and know what they want.

    Convenience, sophistication, and health are a few factors, which are directly linked with the increased sales and thereby profits for the beverage industry in India. With the right approach and supportive distribution channel of M/S  Heinrich under the ownership of Mr.Manoj Thomas  we believe, we can achieve the results we wish to. India has been our priority market and we would establish a long going presence in this country in the years to come.

    What is your study of the Indian luxury market? Do you think that there is a demand for your niche products in this country?

    Indian Luxury market is one of the fastest-growing and it is witnessing demand for luxury products not only from the Metros but also Tier I and Tier II cities such as Pune. Consumers are increasingly choosing quality products and it is one of the most important factors that will attract them to our products. With these two products i.e. Coffee and Energy Drinks in particular, we want to reach out to the people who live the dream of Italian Culture at an affordable price.

    How do you see your products offering your Indian clients “The real Italian way of life”? 

    We have simple strategies that are in sync with the fact that we want to build a brand meant for people who aspire luxury.  Our products are made of the finest ingredients which make it of utmost premium quality.

    We want to develop a huge fan base for Tonino Lamborghini luxury beverage products and make them experience the true Italian culture. We aim to make the products available at reasonable prices across airport lounges, 5star hotels, high-end clubs.

    Why did you choose to collaborate with Heinrich for the distribution of Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Beverages?

    The full range of our products will be officially distributed In India in collaboration with Indian distributor M/s Heinrich. We would like to express our gratitude for the efforts taken by Mr. Manoj Thomas, owner of M/S Heinrich in representing our Italian brand style here in India and channelizing the distribution of our beverages products through M/s Heinrich. It is not simply distributing beverages, you are offering to your clients a real Italian way of life!

    What is the USP of your brand?

    All Tonino Lamborghini Beverage products are synonymous throughout the world of Made in Italy, we vouch for our high-quality products that are supplemented with style.

    Fill us in on the future steps this the brand will take to expand in the Indian market.

    India is a growing market and we want to build a strong presence here. Tonino Lamborghini has a lifestyle approach and with the same, we will enter the Indian market and establish a long term presence. It is the only beverage brand that has both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. There is no other brand in the market which has coffee products, energy drink, and vodka. India is our predominant market and we shall be soon be coming up with much more