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    Aquaforte Thalasso & Spa, Italy

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    Forte Village is a genuine ‘destination within a destination’, an extraordinary corner of southern Sardinia that since 1970 has had only one desire: to offer its guests a unique, exclusive holiday that is second to none.

    In association with the Italian School of Thalassotherapy, Forte Village’s medical team – pioneers in the wellness field – no less than twenty-five years ago developed a method like no other in the world that is capable of intensifying the extraordinary beneficial effects of sea water using the combined action of different temperatures and salt concentrations.

    Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa has long been renowned as a pioneer of the Italian school of Thalassotherapy and the health benefits it provides. Set in lush natural surroundings, a relaxing circuit of six pools with different salt densities and temperatures, created with the help of the Thalasso Research Centre at Milan University that lies at the heart of the spa. Thalassotherapy is considered nature’s most powerful detox and the benefits of this therapy can be best experienced in spring and autumn periods when the pools are encased in temporary glass domes that ensure your complete comfort, even though the outdoor temperature never falls under 14°C.

    The Thalassotherapy circuit here at the resort includes six pure seawater pools, the water being drawn 100 metres from the shore. The temperatures range from 39°C to 25°C and the water is dense with magnesium and sodium, which amplify the curative properties and the detox effect, as you follow programmes specially designed by the medical staff of the distinguished Dr. Angelo Cerina. The Acquaforte medical team offers four tailor-made programs that last around a week along with some daily activity programs ranging from Anti-Ageing, Thalasso Detox, Stay Healthy and Weight-loss.

    Meet the team of specialists at the Thalasso spa

    Nutritionist Elisabetta Orsi, specialises in Nutraceutics – food that makes one feel good, keeps one healthy and improve performance. When at the spa you can visit her for diet consultations, personalized nutritional programs based on specific needs and examination and tests including:

    • Bioenergetic Test Genius: Primary consultation and discussion about the state of health personal habits, energy test based on quatum physics to assess the state of harmony and psycho-emotional balance (excessive stress energy hypersensitivity).
    • Body composition: Fat mass, free fat mass and hydration level (total water, extra cellular water).

    Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer is a luminary in personal energy management techniques for health and therapeutic purposes and one of the most respected teachers of transcendental meditation worldwide. His personalized holistic plan and Ayurveda coaching for physical and mental well-being come after a detailed medical assessment and constitution determination. The various Yoga sessions like the Birkam Methos, Vinyasa Flow & Yin help you find personal strength, your inner balance and a healthy lifestyle.

    Dr. Regina Fortunato is specialized in non-invasive aesthetic medicine. She has just opened a fully equipped center for Summer Aesthetic Medicine at Forte Village with state of the art medical machines and four doctors on site. She has over 30 years of experience and also collaborates with Villa Stuart in Rome. She offers the latest technology and cosmetic treatments ranging from radiofrequency, peeling and fillers, to body remodeling thanks to Sculpsure and Carboxytherapy.

    The deus ex machina of the evolutionary principle of Thalasso del Forte – unique at an international level – Dr. Angelo Cerina, who avails the most modern diagnostic equipment and will guarantee a thorough medical evaluation, the first step in identifying the most suitable programme according to individual needs.

    There is also the reconfirmation of Professor Francesco Parra, an internationally renowned luminary, dubbed Doctor Laser, who has developed a programme of high power laser therapy in synergy with thalasso-therapeutic protocols, to treat muscletendon disorders and back pain.

    Without forgetting that beauty is left, right and centre. That’s why the medical SPA with Dr. Amira Bodareva, an internationally renowned plastic and aesthetic surgeon, has succeeded in amplifying the powers of thalassotherapy with the most advanced techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine.

    The prestigious new private SPA is even more exquisite in its services as it offers privacy for exclusive use by couples or small family groups of up to ten people, with three thalasso pools, a private treatment room for two people, a sauna, hammam, solarium and separate entrance. As far as the cuisine is concerned, the spa offers vegan lunches for you to savor healthiness at its best during your stay.

    When talking about this exquisite destination, Lorenzo Giannuzzi, at the helm since 1994, says, “We want to prepare Forte Village for the challenge of the next decade: to be trailblazers in the hospitality of the future.” So, the resort is preparing to enter what has been called its New Era, while continuing to build on the strengths that have helped it to be so successful year after year.

    The fully equipped center for the Summer Aesthetic Medicine at Forte Village with state of the art medical machines and four doctors on site.  She offers the latest technology and cosmetic treatments ranging from radiofrequency, peeling and fillers, to body remodeling thanks to Sculpsure and Carboxytherapy.

    Courtesy: Aquaforte Thalasso & SPA.