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    Winter is the time of the year we’re less likely to go outside and move our bodies, and more likely to sit indoors and overeat.

    Our bodies crave warm, filling food, and this, combined with inactivity, can lead to some serious weight gain. If you’re struggling to commit to that new diet or your latest New Year resolution, then a focused weight loss retreat might be the best way to make that new healthy lifestyle stick. Some people may need a bit of expert education to help them understand how a permanently better body is realistically achievable.We have found some gorgeous luxe weight loss resorts with highly effective programs in place, run by well-trained, knowledgeable staff that is guaranteed to help reveal a slimmer and healthier you.


    Chiva Som is the undisputed Grande Dame of spas. After undergoing an £18million renovation, this doyenne of spas has gone on to become one of the world’s leading luxury wellness destinations.  This wellness resort has a wealth of top-notch medical, health, fitness and spa facilities, holistic therapies and activities, staffed by experts, wrapped in a beautiful tropical setting. A visit to ChivaSom is a journey of the mind and body. Whether one visitsChivaSom seeking detoxification, relaxation, general health improvement or emotional and mental balance, their journey will be rewarded by finding exactly what they are looking for. From weight-management to Muay Thai-based fitness, cancer recovery, spa pampering and soul-searching, ChivaSom has a programme for whatever ails you. Their thirteen retreats are designed to focus on health, wellness, and overall well-being.

    There are over a dozen different health and wellness classes a day, including yoga and meditation classes, aqua aerobics and tabata, as well as gyms and tennis courts, physiotherapy suites, a sport injury clinic, separate male and female spas and the NiranlandaMedi-spa which offers Botox, laser face peel and skin tightening treatments, administered by U.S. certified doctors.ChivaSom caters to specific goals a person has in mind while choosing the retreat such as weight loss. The various types of weight loss treatments include Accelerated Body Shaping Therapy – an infrared radiation treatment, AcuSlim- an enhanced acupuncture method, LPG KeymoduleEndermology- an FDA-approved technology to treat cellulite, H2O Body Complex, Personal Training and Pilates Body Conditioning.ChivaSom has excellent meal options according to your regimen. You can go all-in on a liquid diet of mushroom broth and herbal teas; cleanse the guts with a breakfast salad, or opt for the gentler but still low-calpescatarian menu – scrambled tofu with spinach, grilled seabass with tomato, detoxing sorbets.


    Clinique La Prairie is an award-winning expertise luxury wellness centre that uses scientific knowledge and wellbeing practices to give their guests the best treatment. Awarded the winner of Condé Nast Traveller’s SPA Awards for Most Progressive Clinic, the retreat merges the beauty of Swiss countryside into a clinical healing resort. The Clinique overlooks the serene shores of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps for a generous view and provides a range of services through medical and cosmeceutical research. This spa retreat is also a historical site as it used to be the quarters of Professor Paul Niehans who pioneered treatment of fresh animal cells on various medical conditions, now called CoolSculpting.

    The scientific efforts to treat guests with effective new treatments have continued with new methods such asskin peeling and laser resurfacing. Clinique La Prairie’s approach to weight loss aims to restore fitness and stabilize metabolism for long-lasting results. The health clinic’s expertise in wellbeing through decades of research will transform your healthy eating lifestyle to obtain immediate, optimum goals.The exclusive Clinique La Prairie Weight Management program offers a multidisciplinary approach with the assistance of a nutritionist, dietician, personal fitness trainer, psychologist, massage therapist and aesthetician. This program is suitable for any adult suffering from a weight issue.  The module includes consultation and a thorough medical check-up, body composition analysis, personalized advice at the Centre for Aesthetic Medicine and the Beautymed Centre, Group fitness and aqua gym classes, access to the fitness centre, swimming pool, sauna, steam room and vitality pool, high-tech contouring body treatments, Pressotherapy treatments and cellulite-control massages. The Spa has its own café which offershealthy fare including fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, delicious salads and a variety of freshly prepared daily dishes as per each individual’s dietary requirements.The clinic’s restaurant offers gourmet three course lunches and dinners but all dishes are calorie controlled.


    Long known for its strict detoxification plan, food chewing techniques and internal Epsom salts, the Viva Mayr clinic in Austria has been touted as the world’s ultimate body purification centre. Providing an ideal mix of value, comfort and convenience, it offers a luxury setting with an array of amenities designed for people who need dramatic health makeovers. The wellness clinic has different kinds of treatments for patients lookingfor all kinds of cures such as intense detoxification, purification and cleansing, relaxation, rejuvenation and restorative therapies and beauty treatments. Weight loss here is more of a convenient by-product than the aim of your stay.Patients at this wellness centre can shed some extra weight and feel wonderfully light with the Mayr Intensive Weight Loss programme. With this module, the healthy weight loss effect of their FX Mayr Cure can be strengthened by stimulatingtheir metabolism and breaking down fat deposits even more effectively with the help of targeted fasting and conscious abstinence.

    With high-quality therapies, individual training sessions and sound nutritional advice, this glamorous wellness clinic paves the way to patients’ desired weight. The programme includes Oxygen therapy (IHHT), Nutritional consultation, Personal training, Aqua cycling, Fat burning infusion and Fatty acid profile with lipid peroxidation. The programme’s highlights are six days of daily stomach massages, swimming, electrolysis foot baths to draw out impurities and supplements and water shiatsu massage from Florian for relaxation.Viva Mayr is particularly famous for their trademark curing method – the FX Mayr Cure, based on four pillars: medicine, nutrition, exercise and awareness which largely determine the success of your cure. The experts at the centre prioritize quality in all areas, providing the most up-to-date medicine and excellent food of the finest international standard along withcustomized exercise programmes and individual coaching and training.A seven-to-ten day stay at this cosseting Austrian spa involves mud wraps, oil pulling and nasal reflexology that are intended to calm your digestive system.