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    Veganism- A food-style to attain perfect health!

  • –  Nikkhil Joshhi

    Going with nature is favorable to all, including humans, animals, and of course, environment. Maybe we all would have been vegan! The plant-based vegan food, especially organic is not only a source of healthy and happy living for adults but for growing children, too.

    Having said that, ‘Vegetarian’ originally meant plant-based, shakhahaari – shakha means a branch of the plant, but later, people were compelled to believe that dairy products are vegetarian as well. However, anything derived from animals is non-vegetarian, be it their skin or body parts or their milk. But unfortunately, in a society where more importance is given to commercial values of commodities than a human or animal life, distortion of truth is not a naïve or new phenomenon. Now, the masses realise what has been taught to them generation after generation was misleading, and except a small number of people, the majority is obliging to commercial dicta rather than human or social values.

    Ensuring a healthy future

    Nurturing the kids under the vegan regime is an idea to help them grow in a healthy and happy environment and towards a healthy and happy future. They will grow up believing the right things, understand that animals have an equal right to live on the same planet. Besides, they will enjoy a healthier life since a vegan diet is all about fresh, hygienic, and nutritious food containing all the essential minerals, vitamins, calcium, and protein derived from plants. And, it is scientifically proven that a higher daily intake of certain nutrients keeps human beings protected against various acute and chronicle health problems.

    There are numerous scientific studies which claim that vegan food is a great source of magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, C, and E, besides meeting the body’s fibre requirement. Apart from this, in comparison to non-vegetarian and vegetarian food, a vegan diet helps to remove toxins from the body as it contains antioxidants and other plant compounds in a substantial amount. As far as protein is concerned, which is imperative for the growth of children, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and peanut butter are enough to enrich vegan diet with a variety of proteins.

    Based on these healthy nutrients, a vegan diet is considered best to lose weight, living with a healthy heart and kidney, controlling blood sugar, giving relief from arthritis pain, and providing immunity against certain cancers. Vegan food is also good for eyes and skin, and it is a harmless way of anti-ageing. Also, being rich in vitamin C, vegan food provides extra strength to bones and muscles and controls muscular degeneration.

    Researchers at Harvard University recently found that people who are strictly adherent to plant-based diets are less prone to type 2 diabetes. As per their study, 23 per cent of people had a lower risk of type 2 diabetes than people who are not vegan. In addition to physical health, various research studies provide evidence that vegans suffer less mental and psychological problems such as stress and depression. But, a nutritious vegan diet is one that includes the right amount of fruits, grains, and vegetables and children should be encouraged to take raw fruits rather than juices. The foundation of their lifestyle should be based on organically grown vegetables and fruits. Their snacks should be dry fruits and plant seeds instead of fried chips and burgers.

    Developing interest in vegan food 

    Children must be offered with healthy and scrumptious vegan food right from an early age and they must be informed about a variety of options that make a vegan diet irresistibly tasty. A delicious fruit salad along with almond milk or a vegan pizza with coconut milk can be the perfect menus to introduce a child with the vegan banquet. Vegan food is as normal as any other food, but parents must make themselves sure they are feeding their children the right food and in the right manner.

    Variety is not limited in vegan culinary, if a child loves milk, then there are many tasteful options such as almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, soy or coconut milk. For their timely growth, vegan ingredients like moringa, ashwagandha, spirulina are pretty healthy and they can be easily used in home-cooked meal or smoothies. From cheese to butter, everything vegan inside the kitchen is no more a challenge. Even bakery products are available in the markets which are 100 per cent vegan. Children can pick on vegan cookies & crackers and desserts, and they should be told that while eating out, they can go for vegan food like vegan pizza, burgers, etc. Refine sugar must be replaced with sweeteners like dates, cane sugar, and coconut sugar.

    In the nutshell

    Give them the wings to fly and let them change this world into a better place to live with more compassion and kindness. They are the change-makers; they can save this planet by turning vegan, by using alternatives to plastic, by being calm and kind towards all living beings. A vegan diet will keep their heart healthy and bones stronger, and they will be far stronger and energetic and would be able to live a longer and healthy life.

    Nikkhil Joshhi is a young chef and an iconoclast entrepreneur in the vegan food industry. He is a health and fitness zealot and believes that veganism is the only food-style to attain perfect health. Also, cooking is his first love and foremost passion that has been turned into a successful business. When he started preparing raw & vegan food on his own, he saw the changes that happened to his body and he realised the relationship between food and health. He is an exemplary vegan chef who has innovated many vegan cuisines at Nut & Bowls. Nut & Bowls is not only about plant-based vegan cuisines, but it also promotes a culture of conscious living and sustainable choices.