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    The Best Bars in NYC

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    New Yorkers love a good drink and this city has it all when it comes to drinking destinations. The best bars in NYC include artfully-mixed cocktails, craft beers with unusual infusions and natural wines. We’ve compiled a list to the hottest drinking dens of the moment across New York City.

    NoMad Bar

    Hotel bars are nothing new, but the NoMad Bar from the NoMad Hotel on Broadway takes the bar to another level. This bi-level bar is in The World’s 50 Best Bars top 10 for the third year straight. What sets the NoMad aside from other hotel bars is its fresh take on classic, specifically taking inspiration from New York City taverns. Bar director Leo Robitschek’s menu comprises classically-focused cocktails that take in twists via a cornucopia of exotic spirits and ingredients.  Make sure to order one of the bar’s famous cocktails, which range from the classic and wonderfully refreshing, old-fashioned Pimm’s Cup to the over-the-top Sazerac made with rare Sazerac rye.


    Attaboy is a speakeasy cocktail bar with character. Located on the Lower East Side, this gem has an intimate and laid-back vibe with low lights and the interior is spacious and inviting. The best part is that unlike its meticulous predecessor Milk & Honey, it has no rules and also no menu – which means you let them know what guests are in the mood for and top-of-the-line cocktails and perfect bespoke drinks are whipped up based on their suggestions and preferences, giving them an absolutely individual experience every time. Co-owner Sam Ross’s signature Penicillin cocktail concocted with a blend of Laphroaig ten-year Islay scotch, ginger-honey syrup and lemon, is a modern classic.


    BlackTail, the tropical, decadent and typically daring Cuban-themed cantina is the second New York bar of Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, the Northern Irish duo behind Lower Manhattan’s award-winning The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog. BlackTail’s potent Latin ethos was inspired by the wave of Americans who on weekends fled a bone-dry America for Cuba’s rum-soaked shores during the days of Prohibition. BlackTail has some of the best cocktails downtown. Presidente, a strong spirit with mezcal, two vermouths, rum, and Curaçao and The Cuba Libre, BlackTail’s take on the signature rum and coke infused with amaro, bitters, and Champagne are top favourites in this drinkery.

    Dante Bar

    Nestled on a block of Greenwich Village, Dante dates back to 1915, when it was known as Caffe Dante. Known for its highly curated and detailed lists thanks to co-owner Naren Young, Dante focuses on different styles of cocktails each season. There are aperitivi and Bellinis, and a “Negroni Sessions” menu such as the chocolate negroni made with crème de cacao and chocolate bitters and the “Unlikely Negroni” made with pineapple shrub, chili and sesame for which has its in-the-know New Yorker fans coming back for more.  The Garibaldi, a simple Italian concoction of orange juice and Campari, served with an orange wedge on top is a drink that feels right to sip on any time Dante is open.