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    The Best Places to eat in Florence

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    Quality produce sourced locally, seasonally and sustainably is the holy trinity and Florentines share an enormous pride in their culinary tradition.

    Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

    Inside the oh-so-glamorous Gucci Garden, amid pea-green walls on the ground floor of Palazzo della Mercanzia, this jewel box of a restaurant is all velvet, boiserie, and custom porcelain, bearing the name of one of Italy’s most prominent chefs. The Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura is curated by the internationally renowned three Michelin starred chef of the same name. The seasonally-changing menu is inspired by the team’s culinary travels, global origins and experience, and a passion for art and music, applied to Italian cuisine. The restaurant is also a reflection of Florence’s historical significance as a cultural confluence and creative melting pot during the Renaissance period, an important theme and inspiration for Massimo. The restaurant also offers an ornate private dining room named Foliage, which hosts up to 14 guests. This place oversees a menu that mixes iconic Italian dishes like tortellini in Parmesan sauce with innovative twists on international favourites such as hotdog made with Tuscan Chianina beef.

    Trattoria Mario

    This humble restaurant specializes in local Tuscan cuisine. It is a friendly family-run affair that has been serving excellent, well-priced Tuscan food for 60 years, Only open at lunch and often drawing queues as they don’t take reservations, it has a menu that changes daily, featuring the classic ribollita (cannellini, veggie, and bread stew) vegetable soup and a hearty bollito misto, boiled beef and tongue with a zingy parsley sauce, lampredotto (tripe sandwich), giant cuts of bistecca Fiorentina (massive Florentine steak always served super rare), and local Chianti. Diners will also find familiar pasta dishes and fresh game, especially rabbit and wild boar, prepared in a variety of ways.  With a casual, slightly chaotic air, this is the best spot to try the region’s rich, bold, traditional flavors.

    La Giostra

    This clubby spot, whose name means “carousel” in Italian, was created by members of the Austrian royal family, late Prince Dimitri Kunz d’Asburgo Lorena, and is now expertly run by Soldano and Dimitri, his friendly twin sons. La Giostra is known for its quirky back-story and for hosting the likes of Elton John.  Authentic Tuscan flavors and refined hospitality define this wonderful place. The space boasts the perfect ambiance for a romantic night out with candle-lit tables and deep red wines in beautiful glass decanters. The plates are carefully crafted with terrific vegetarian and vegan options and extremely Italian, albeit offering a more gourmet take on traditional trattoria eats.  For dessert, this might be the only show in town with a sublime tiramisù and a wonderfully gooey Sacher torte. Given the restaurant’s popularity, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

    Osteria dell’Enoteca

    With its vintage red-brick walls, taupe table linen and contemporary lighting, this osteria near Palazzo Pitti is the perfect fusion of old and new. A contemporary space within the context of an ancient Oltrarno townhouse, Osteria dell’Enoteca excels at seasonal Tuscan with a modern twist. It highlights a refined Tuscan menu prepared with fresh, local ingredients under the leadership of Chef Nicola Chiappi. Guests can expect dishes like fantastic grilled meats – some of best T-bone steaks in town, chicken liver terrine with a vin santo reduction, potato soup and spicy octopus, gazpacho topped with burrata cheese in summer, and pappardelle with venison sauce and braised wild boar in winter. The food is paired to their carefully curated wine selection with 150-odd wine labels, all sourced by expert sommeliers at Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina. The Osteria offers traditional Italian dishes accompanied by traditional Italian wines in a comfortable yet refined environment.


    This place is a mecca for lovers of seafood in Florence. The location is stylish and sophisticated, bringing a touch of elegance in beautiful Florence.  Behind the stove in the restaurant on Via Ridolfi is the chef Filippo Germasi. Acquapazza is a fine dining seafood restaurant featuring super fresh Tuscan fish, local, seasonal produce, and homemade breads and pastas. All dishes are ready to be paired with selections from their curated wine list, especially Italian sparkling wines, alongside a range of Tuscan reds and whites, and imported French and German bottles. Meals begin with an amuse-bouche, and dishes are presented with care and artistic flair. Though their most popular dishes feature shellfish, fish, or octopus, they also serve a brilliant Florentine steak and market fresh selections of duck and guinea fowl.